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Computer process system engineering (CPSE) is the process system engineering group based in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Chung-Yuan Christian University. CPSE laboratory (CPSELab) aims to develop new data-driven techniques that can improve efficiency, numerical reliability, and usability for control systems and to validate those techniques in relevant industrial application domains. Research topics include design and control of the conventional chemical separation processes, biological processes and the advanced process control of the semiconductor industries.


"Big Data for Big Decisions and Big Profits"


現代工業程序日趨複雜,大數據的時代已經到來,特別是對於大規模工廠範圍的程序。數據量的大小範圍可從TB兆位元組到PB拍位元組在全廠的程序,甚至對於單一個數據組。數據量的大小帶來了巨大的挑戰,不僅是資訊截取、數據管理和存儲,但也更重要的是,在於有效地解釋這些隱藏在數據中的資訊。為了加快程序設計過程,並且不犧牲產品品質和生產成本,程序分析和控制的數據導向技術變得非常重要,這些技術用於提高程序的瓶頸。 傳統數據分析的技能還在使用原始低效的統計和分析方法,浪費大量的時間不說,且經常不滿意。大數據分析因對全廠數據做深入分析,為決策者提供真正的決策支持,應用於企業全廠的運作當中。CPSELab致力於分析工廠的數據資訊,並整合不同的程序工程技術。其研究工作提高了操作程序的效率和安全性,並提升公司的競爭優勢與獲利率。 進一步訊息可参閱本實驗室目前和以前的研究論文。

With growing complexity of the modern process industry, the era of big data has arrived, particularly for the large scale plant-wide processes. The size of data can range from terabyte to petabyte in the plant-wide process even for a single dataset. This big size of data poses great challenges not only for information capture, data management and storage, but also more importantly, for efficiently interpreting the information hidden within those data. To accelerate the process design procedure without sacrificing product quality and production cost, the data-driven techniques in process analysis and control become very important. They are needed to improve the bottleneck of the process. In traditional data analysis, statistical and analytical methods are inefficient when dealing with a huge amount of data. They are time-consuming and the results are likely to be unsatisfactory. Big data analysis is in-depth analysis on the data collected from the whole plant. It provides data insight for decision makers to maintain healthy operation of the whole plant. CPSELab is recognized as a lab that analyzes plant data information and integrates different process engineering techniques. Its research work improves the efficiency and safety of the operation processes and enhances the company's ability to achieve a competitive advantage and increase profitability.  You can find information about our current and previous research papers in the publication list.

"We create data-driven techniques to enhance real-world industrial process systems."


Our mission: "To develop data driven techniques that solve real industrial problems in operation monitoring, quality prediction, operation process assessment and quality by design."


Our Motto: Creative Thinking, Perform the Best of Yourself, Strong Team Work Spirit, Embrace Boundary-Less Learning